The Eastern Colla Mountain range runs in a southwesterly direction along the the border separating Yandi and Grenna. These mountains are a continuation of the Western Colla Moutains, which were created by the collision of two major tectonic plates. Zasti, a criminal syndicate in the Darb Sea region, has a strong presence in this mountain range.

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Mining is the primary economic endeavor in the Eastern Collas with several important mineral deposits including uranium, coal, iron, molybdenum, and small deposits of high quality gemstones. There is also a long history of folk art exported to specialty markets all over the world.

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Mining operations are a relatively new phenomenon in the Eastern Collas having only been in industrial operation since the early 1900s. This is due in part to the rough terrain in which the richest deposits are situated, required advanced industrialization to reach these zones. Prior to the proliferation of industrial technology, artisanal mining was wide spread. Once established however, mining has pushed the region into relative prosperity and serves as a major pillar of Grenna's economic portfolio.

Major mining operations pursuing uranium have been established throughout the mountains. The rough ore is transported a short distance to several mills where it is processed into yellowcake. From there it is shipped primarily to the Tobmuth Research Reactor. In 2018 mines in the Eastern Cola's produced an estimated __ kilograms of uranium comprising nearly 70% of Grenna's total production.

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