The Tob River is a ___ km long river that runs through central Yandi. The river drains from the inland Darb Sea into the ocean, and is vital transportation artery for the entire region. Although entirely within the bounds of Yandi, international agreements give both Maura and Grenna uninhibited access for the use of transportation on the waters of the Tob.

There have been several attempts to build hydro-power stations on the Tob River, but all have been poorly received by local population that inhabit the banks of the river. As of this time there are no plans to construct these facilities.

Commercial traffic Edit

The Tob River functions as the major byway for the transport of commercial goods for the entire Darb Sea region. Nearly 200 million tons of good travel the river every year and due to the river's direct access to the ocean end up in ports all over the world.

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