Tobmuth is the capital city of Yandi and the largest city in the Darb Sea region. A recent census put the population at 4,094,355. It's position on the terminus of the Tob River has helped it rise to the status of regional and international hub for commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, research, and transportation. It is home to one of the world's busiest ports, a Free Trade Zone, a research reactor, and serves as the base of operations for several major corporations.

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Tobmuth has the largest economy in the Darb Sea region.

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The Tobmuth Free Trade Zone Created in the 1990's as a means to push for centralizing regional trade in Tobmuth.

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The Port of Tobmuth will be based off of the port of Aqaba

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Tobmuth is home to the state of the art Tobmuth Research Reactor which focuses on creating isotopes used in a variety of medical diagnostic equipment.

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Organized crime and presence of Giste

Threats of terror attacks against city infrastructure by Zasti

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Security apparatus will be based off of Riyadh

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Tobmuth is the terminating node of several modes of transportation including the SouthIron Railroad and the TKP Canal

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